Codename: Diablo!

1h 30m 2017


Three female spies from O.M.E.G.A ( Operational Multi Espionage Girl Army) .Skilled in martial arts and every kind of warfare, all 3 girls know how to take out bad guy after bad guy with bullets,bombs and the craziest,wackiest gadgets . But will they be in time to stop The Contessa achieving her despicable plans? Starring Mary Madison Love , Lilly_4K and Martina Big as simply the most "buxotic" ,yet lethal trio of female super spies EVER assembled.!!, "Buxotic" in every sense of the word ,this high octane ,Girls with Guns action comedy simply out Russ Meyers Russ Meyer and then some.

Director: Aaron Barsky Aaron Barsky

Genres: Action, Comedy

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